9 Days Left to the Countdown

9 days left until the June 30 release of LIARS’ QUEST, the first book featured in the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, and Book 1 in the Enchanted Castle Archives series. You can pre-order the book and save $$ here on the website. (Psssst!! You can get the audiobook and ebook RIGHT NOW, insteadContinue reading “9 Days Left to the Countdown”

Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts

PLANTWISE releases Thursday, June 15. You can download the ebook and audiobook here on the site NOW at a discount price before the official release day. I’m also offering a pre-release order discount on the print book, but you’ll have to wait until I actually have the books in my hot little hands before IContinue reading “Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts”

We’ve got EBooks!

News! If you’re looking for ebook versions of our books, you don’t have to look any farther than our store. Nearly all of our in-print books are loaded and ready for purchase, for instant delivery through Book Funnel. Those that aren’t loaded yet will be within a day or two. PLUS: You can get ebookContinue reading “We’ve got EBooks!”


Now that I have your attention … Actually, yes, you have a chance to win free books. You can go to Goodreads (www.Goodreads.com) and enter the Giveaways going on NOW through April 28, to win Kindle copies of WHEN YOUR BEAUTY IS THE BEAST and BRIDE OF THE LIVING PROOF. OR you can check outContinue reading “FREE BOOKS!”