Christmas Book Box, Anyone?

Hey, gang — I’m thrilled to announce that everything is on track to have an AUDIOBOOK ready in time for the release of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, the next Neighborlee, Ohio novel.

What could be better?

How about a Christmas-themed BOX to go with the book release?

I’m working on those details right now, but at the top of the list for this must-have, fun item for you and your favorite fantasy reader is a WISHING BALL ORNAMENT, like they give out at the annual decorating party at Divine’s Emporium.

There will be other goodies in the box, including a PRINT copy of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, and ebook downloads, and of course, Christmas candy.

I’d really appreciate people speaking up now to let me know just how much of a demand there will be for the box, which will be mailed December 1, in time for Christmas gift giving. I’m looking at a price of $35, which includes shipping costs in the continental United States — and if you order more than one package at a time, a $3 discount on each package.

I’m kind of getting excited, the more I work on this special gift package for Neighborlee readers and friends.

So speak up and semi-reserve your box!

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