Do you VELLA?

The (slightly) redacted files.

I have a story in Vella, introducing a new character.
Jane is an agent-in-training who thinks she messes up big-time during her graduation assignment.
Then she KNOWS she messed up, when she gets an assignment that is just on the edge of humiliating. She’s waiting for the day the Agency wipes her memories and sets her down in a new, boring life.
Until Dr. Noway, a minion of the evil mastermind B.L. Zebob, shows up at the school where she’s pretending to be a librarian.
I plan to write a large handful of the slightly redacted, slightly embarrassing, majorly snarky adventures of Jane Stocks — license to spill.
(And yes, if you notice a resemblance to a certain well-known British intelligence officer … it’s on purpose. With the titles, anyway.)

Check out my page on Amazon/Kindle Vella, read the first three episodes for free, and plan on getting hooked!

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