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Buy a copy of ETRUSCA’S VOW, AFV Defender book 3, and you can get a free short story ebook of the “early years” of the crew of the Defender, free!

If you buy the book here from Ye Olde Dragon Books, we’ll send you the Book Funnel link right away. If you buy the book elsewhere — whether ebook, paper, or audio — just send us a copy of the electronic receipt, and the ebook is yours.

What’s it about:


Before Genys Arroyan was captain, and M’kar was Chief of Talents and Treinna was head of linguistics and Jasper was chief engineer … in the golden years under Captain Rob Hollis’s leadership …

A dark shadow from the crewmates’ past shows up to make life and a new, precarious mission difficult for the junior officers of the Defender. A nomadic fleet grudgingly agrees to host a diplomatic team from the Alliance.  M’kar’s animal-focused Talent is needed to help the ambassador leave the flagship when the birds that inhabit and overwhelm and perhaps even run the ships of the fleet … won’t let him leave.

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