Coming Soon: MONSTERS!

Well, actually the 2nd Classic Monsters anthology.

Are you ready to get your Frankenstein on?

We have 10 stories taking the trope of Frankenstein or his monster, and turning it on its ear! Guaranteed you’ll be delighted by this collection of stories — you’ll smile, you’ll shiver, you’ll cringe, and you might even shed a tear or two for one side of the story or the other. Coming October 15. Stay tuned, and you’ll be able to pre-order soon.


Who really is the monster in the Frankenstein mythos? Creator or Creation? Who is the victim, and who is the victor?

Join us as we explore variations on the theme of Frankenstein — doctor and monster — in modern-day, historic and fantasy settings, through the eyes of creator, creation, and those they encounter along the way. We’ll visit some friends and settings we’ve met before, and new ones to make you smile, shiver, and shed a tear.

Guaranteed, you’ll never look at a mad scientist the same way again.

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