Ready to DREAM?

Our next Fairytale Anthology, PERCHANCE TO DREAM, is just a few steps away from publication. It releases on May 1. We’ll be uploading the print and ebook for pre-release sales on April 1. Isn’t that cover gorgeous? Kaitlyn Emery does a great job every time! All the stories take elements of Sleeping Beauty and turnContinue reading “Ready to DREAM?”

Coming Soon: MONSTERS!

Well, actually the 2nd Classic Monsters anthology. Are you ready to get your Frankenstein on? We have 10 stories taking the trope of Frankenstein or his monster, and turning it on its ear! Guaranteed you’ll be delighted by this collection of stories — you’ll smile, you’ll shiver, you’ll cringe, and you might even shed aContinue reading “Coming Soon: MONSTERS!”

We have WINNERS!!!!!!!

I am delighted. Thrilled. Overjoyed. Still BUZZED over the incredible news. TWO Ye Olde Dragon publications WON in the Realm Awards last week. First up: Our very own resident Dragon, Deborah Cullins Smith, WON in the paranormal/supernatural category with her novel, MINA. Warrior in Shadows Book 1 THEN … from our first Fairytale Anthology, KristianaContinue reading “We have WINNERS!!!!!!!”

Who’s YOUR Monster?

It’s spring, so it’s time to start thinking … MONSTERS! As in the 2nd Classic Movie Monsters anthology from Ye Olde Dragon Books. This year the title is WHO’S THE MONSTER? and the theme is … Frankenstein (both the monster and the mad doctor, for you purists out there). For submission guidelines, write to reading “Who’s YOUR Monster?”

Got your WOLFMAN on?

The Wolfman. Where does the Hollywood version end and folklore begin? What is the truth about the wolfman, the werewolf, the were, the lycan, the skinwalker and shapeshifter? You know what? It doesn’t matter! Because between the pages of this new book, we invite you to explore and enjoy and shiver and cry and laughContinue reading “Got your WOLFMAN on?”

What if Beauty WAS a Beast?

Coming May 1 — our first anthology: A marriage counselor who has never been in love… A missing beauty queen with an oversized ego… A hunter crippled by his own ambition… Settlers on their way to a new home in the Rockies in 1848… A jeweler’s obsession… A hero-tuber and a mystery man trapped inContinue reading “What if Beauty WAS a Beast?”