Get Your Monsters HERE! (and save $$ while you’re at it …)

Want to get your copy of this year’s Classic Monsters Anthology before it’s available in the stores? You can download the ebook NOW — just go to the storefront. OR you can order the paperback, and we’ll have the printer ship it directly to you. And even better than getting your Frankenstein on before everybodyContinue reading “Get Your Monsters HERE! (and save $$ while you’re at it …)”

Coming Soon: MONSTERS!

Well, actually the 2nd Classic Monsters anthology. Are you ready to get your Frankenstein on? We have 10 stories taking the trope of Frankenstein or his monster, and turning it on its ear! Guaranteed you’ll be delighted by this collection of stories — you’ll smile, you’ll shiver, you’ll cringe, and you might even shed aContinue reading “Coming Soon: MONSTERS!”

Who’s YOUR Monster?

It’s spring, so it’s time to start thinking … MONSTERS! As in the 2nd Classic Movie Monsters anthology from Ye Olde Dragon Books. This year the title is WHO’S THE MONSTER? and the theme is … Frankenstein (both the monster and the mad doctor, for you purists out there). For submission guidelines, write to reading “Who’s YOUR Monster?”