Meet An Author: Cindy Koepp

(Courtesy of author Cindy Koepp, from the When Your Beauty IS The Beast anthology)

Special News Bulletin

Ella Font: Good morning! This is Ella Font of the Interdimensional News Network bringing you news from the story front. I have with me today novel, resource, and comic book writer Cindy Koepp and Level 6 tinkerer Angie Neer from the tale “Damsel in This Dress.” Hello, ladies.

Cindy Koepp: Pleased to be here, Ella.

Angie Neer: (blushing) Hey!

Ella: So, Cindy, tell us about your writing.

Cindy: (adjusts her hat) I’m told (and there’s evidence to back up the claim) that I started writing when I was about 7 years old. That first story was a tale about a dog and his talking pet cactus or something like that. From that odd beginning, I went on to writing X-Men fanfic then graduated to writing original stories. My first book published in 2012, and now I have 8 novels, about 15 anthologies, 4 teacher resources, and a comic book in my credits.

Ella: And “Damsel in This Dress” is the latest?

Cindy: Actually, the comic book released just 5 days after the When Your Beauty Is a Beast anthology, so “Damsel in This Dress” is the penultimate.

Ella: That’s terrific! So, Angie, you’re the point of view character in this tale?

Angie: Right. I’m the tinkerer for a developer’s team led by Morgrim Thanyu, a dwarven warrior. By day, he works for the gaming company. We also have an elf herbalist, Leif Etree, and a sprite acrobat, Gemina Stex.

Ella: So, what can you tell us about your adventure?

Angie: We picked up a quest to make sure a kidnapped princess was safe.

Ella: Was safe? You weren’t supposed to rescue her, but you had to make sure she was safe?

Angie: Yeah, we thought that was weird, too, until we met the prince, her “loving fiancé”. Wow, was he a piece of work. Morgrim just about wanted to use his “attitude adjuster” on the guy.

Ella: Attitude adjuster?

Angie: His warhammer.

Ella: (stares wide-eyed) Well, that sure would adjust an attitude or two.

Angie: And has.

Ella: So, how does it end? Were you able to make sure the princess was safe?

Angie: (jaw drops) I can’t tell you that!

Ella: A little hint?

Angie: (shakes her head)

Ella: Cindy? You wrote this story.

Cindy: (smiles) Spoilers!

Ella: (sighs) Well, okay. I guess I’ll just have to read it and find out. And this is Ella Font of the IDNN signing off. Goodnight everybody!

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