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The THIRD Fairytale Anthology.

Theme: Sleeping Beauty.

What can you find inside? Here are a few hints:

A princess with thirteen children would give anything for a good night’s sleep, but her fairy godmothers don’t seem to have practical answers for her.

A veterinarian falls into a coma after trying to treat a dog who had contact with an unusual lizard. But can the sheriff find a cure and save her life?

A spy can’t remember her past. Her partner must trigger her memories before enemy agents find and kill her.

A young girl signs a contract to save her family from eviction and ends up frozen far into the future.

A prince falls into a sleep realm, and finds his true love among the Fae when he thought she was long dead. But can he find a way to save her?

Join our Ye Olde Dragon authors as we leap out of the box and into seventeen diversely fabulous worlds surrounding the Sleeping Beauty legend!

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