Ready for Pre-Release Orders

Now available for pre-release orders in ebook and print. Where? Anywhere YOU like to buy books! The THIRD Fairytale Anthology. Theme: Sleeping Beauty. What can you find inside? Here are a few hints: A princess with thirteen children would give anything for a good night’s sleep, but her fairy godmothers don’t seem to have practicalContinue reading “Ready for Pre-Release Orders”

What if Beauty WAS a Beast?

Coming May 1 — our first anthology: A marriage counselor who has never been in love… A missing beauty queen with an oversized ego… A hunter crippled by his own ambition… Settlers on their way to a new home in the Rockies in 1848… A jeweler’s obsession… A hero-tuber and a mystery man trapped inContinue reading “What if Beauty WAS a Beast?”