Countdown: Day 17

Lots of savings today! You can by all 3 of the Maurice books from the Neighborlee series in a bundle of ebook or audiobook or print — and save twice. The bundle price AND the Christmas countdown price. And this bundle is quite appropriate because SHRUNK starts at Christmas, while ALLERGIC takes place all throughContinue reading “Countdown: Day 17”

Countdown: Day 20

Pretty self-explanatory, you think? Check out what’s for sale, and the new titles added, in ebook and audio. With MORE new titles coming, as we fill in the holes in the inventory with audio versions, short stories that tie into series, and book bundles.

Countdown: 27

We’re changing things up. The storefront software is giving us fits — sorry! So here’s the deal now: instead of the sale price being a percent, straight across the board it’s going to be: $2 off ebooks $3 off audiobooks $2 off paperbacks — and still free shipping. Plus ……………. To celebrate CYBER MONDAY, today’sContinue reading “Countdown: 27”

It’s Time to SHOP and SAVE

Starting TOMORROW, Black Friday, a new title will be on sale every day here in the storefront, through Christmas Eve. That’s THIRTY DAYS of savings. 50% off ebooks and audiobooks. 20% off print titles. Free shipping in the continental United States. PLUS, every once in a while … you could win an Amazon gift card.Continue reading “It’s Time to SHOP and SAVE”

TOMORROW: The Countdown Begins

TOMORROW — Saturday, March 26 — we start counting down to the release of THE LIVING PROOF GETS THE BLUES, the 13th and final book in the Neighborlee series. Maybe … (I’m always getting new ideas for more stories…) Each book in the series, starting with #1, CONFESSIONS OF A LOST KID, will be ONContinue reading “TOMORROW: The Countdown Begins”