The Creature is COMING

Coming October 15, in print and ebook, the next Classic Monsters anthology. A very strange family vacation that goes awry. A bunch of fairy gardeners who run afoul of a water sprite. Creatures who can control human minds, until one man discovers a way to infiltrate their ranks. Sirens, mutant frogs, an ancient demonic riverContinue reading “The Creature is COMING”

LISTEN CAREFULLY, Young Defenders Book 2. Coming July 15

Ready for release, July 15 — in print, ebook and audiobook! Listen Carefully Tress Lore, daughter of the chief engineer and chief linguist, was born on the Defender. Only nine years old, her life is about to change. While exploring the space station where their ship is undergoing upgrades, she overhears people saying things thatContinue reading “LISTEN CAREFULLY, Young Defenders Book 2. Coming July 15”